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Happy X-wanzakkah

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Happy X-wanzakkah indeed!

This December was quite a ride. Two weeks ago, my mom was hospitalized with acute respiratory distress. She ended up on a ventilator for about a day and a half, then worked her way back down the ladder of "things to help you breathe" until she was finally discharged with an inhaler prescription and some other stuff. Amidst all this, she has been working on packing up her house. The long term plan was to sell the house, then move to an independent senior living apartment here in Chattanooga. Given the developments this month, she decided she was ok with owning two homes again, secured an apartment, and moved in today. She and I drove a van-full and a Rav4-full of her things up from the MS house this week.

So yay, my mom is here in Chattanooga! But also boo breathing problems. I hope this was a one-time thing.

I got a Meta Quest 2, and a bunch of other stuff.
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Glad your mom is closer now and feeling better.  Hoping for everyone to have a healthy new year!
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Happy new year, glad yo momma is doing better I know a few doctors so I'm proclaiming that maybe in the midst of moving stuff the dust got to her, I cleared out my shed year before last and kicked up some pretty gnarly dust and was dealing with it for like a month

Hope everyone is ready for round 4 of 2020, Janet yellen says we'll be fine if nothing unanticipated happens