The best damn waste of time!

Happy X-wanzakkah

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btw, I think your yellow Camaro is sitting in my attic.  I guess it got left at PMC.

lol, Aryn's aunt got us an Echo dot for xmas too.  We were skeptical at first, but we like it.  I jokingly said we need to get wifi bulbs so we can ask alexa to turn the lights the next day we went to home depot and bought Hue, which comes with a hub and 2 bulbs, so now we have voice controlled "clapper", w00t!  It's nice because you can say "Alexa lights 30" and she'll dim them to 30%.  You can setup rooms and groups, or just set individual lights.  Pretty cool.  Next Internet of Things gadget is going to be Nest, or something similar.  Then maybe Ring.  

  • Arif:
    • Catan and expansions (e-game)
    • beard grooming and care kit
    • Hidrate smart water bottle (one for aryn too)
      • Syncs with app, so you can track how much (or little) water you're drinking that day
      • Plus you can add friends and competitively embibe water
    • Crazy straw that spells my name (one for aryn and bryn too)
  • Aryn
    • keurig coffee maker, my k cup 2.0 (reusable), plus extra filters
    • 3 butterfly fan pulls
    • 2 butterfly shall/wrap things
    • Electric butterfly candle with remote
  • Bryn
    • Too many toys to list
  • Family GaS:  air fryer
  • All of us:  Echo dot
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I've been thinking of an echo paired with some wifi lights for the babies room. I got a Nest at home and love it. Nothing like turning up the heat when you are in bed.