The best damn waste of time!

15 Year Friendiversary

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I'm working on resurrecting moneys, so we can split the transaction there, assuming I get it up and running before that weekend :)
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Also, booked the travel. Arriving Thursday Nov 9 @ 9am, departing Sunday Nov 12 @ 6pm.  We'll be staying at the Aloft downtown (300 Ted Turner Drive NWAtlanta, Georgia 30308 United States), and taking Thursday and Friday off so Aryn and Bryn can visit ATL.  

Let me know who will be around and if / when you guys can hang out.  Here's what I'm planning:
  • Thursday:  Aquarium, botanical gardens
  • Friday:  high museum, the Zoo, and maybe stone mountain (depending on how tired we are)
  • Saturday:  Tech Campus, Football game, chill with 409ers
  • Sunday:  Fernbank, head to airport

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ok go ahead and put me down for going to the game, and e-casa should be open on a space available basis, upstairs bedtime is about 9 pm but basement bedtime is open to interpretation
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I'm should be in for the game that Saturday Nov 9, wife is potential but probably. Also down for other shenanigans (Club Europe?). I can go about procuring my own ticket or grab any if they are left from Arif's purchase.
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Yeah, just buy separate tickets.  I can't imagine that upper section will be very full, so you could probably come sit by us, regardless where you get it.  If you're curious though, we got Upper Level section 223 Row 24, seats 20-26.

Other shenanigans will be difficult with the kids, but would be fun to chill Drew's.
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So Arif, I owe you $39?  You got paypal?
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Ya, $39
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Game time is 12:20, w00t.  Can't wait to see you guys and the little ones!  We should figure out a place to meet up, and maybe plan something for afterwards.
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Who's bringing their kid to the game? 12:20 game time is right around nap time for Ada, so I may leave her at my sisters house for the game. But we'd both be down for hanging out after the game! 

Also I'm in town all week. Arif (and anyone else) let me know your plans and we'll meet up and hang out. 
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So here's the plan:

  • Fernbank, botanical gardens, or stone mountain
  • Atlanta Zoo
  • Dinner at Fox Bros at 6pm.
  • Meet at campanile around 11 for an early lunch/watch tech band
  • Game until whenever
  • Quick game of spades on Howell 3rd floor by the stairs ;)
  • Back to e-casa for naps/shenanigans/dinner
  • Aquarium
  • Airport