The best damn waste of time!

15 Year Friendiversary

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ugh wish i was there so hard.  sorry guys :'(
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You and Steven are going to be missed dearly! :'(  Maybe we'll Skype you in at e-casa so you can see all the kiddos playing :)
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Ok, so 20 years is coming up next year.  Can we start planning something?  Is ATL still the most central location?  We now have to pay for 4 plane tickets, so driving distance is preferable.  I'm thinking something low key (aka cheap), bbq at e-casa, and maybe go to some playgrounds/parks.  We have school to contend with now too, so summer break is probably the best bet.
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So many babbys, this gon be lit. I think we could make any summer break dates work, given enough advance notice. DG and a picnic?
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Atlanta’s still the best place for us. Summer is usually good, although in order for Michael to attend we may have to avoid the transition time (very end of June/beginning of July) that the old residents leave and new residents start. But most of June is free and later in July is usually good too. I’ll float the idea to Michael and see what his thoughts are. 
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I should be around atl next summer so I'm down
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We were thinking late July / Early August.  These are the Thursdsy - Sunday dates:

  1. July 21-24
  2. July 28-31
  3. August 4-7
My vote would be for #2.  Any opinions?  I will most likely extend to coming in Thursday night and take Friday off.

We'd probably stay here:  Fairfield Inn

Also, I was thinking a bounce house / slip 'n slide may be appropriate, given that we actually have children now, haha.  I'm sure Barbie wouldn't mind if we set it up in the basement.. :D