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15 Year Friendiversary

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Barb and I should be in. I'll be able to commit harder at the end of august
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I'm 50/50. Got some stuff around that time but if that Sat is free, I'm there.
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I think it would be cool for Bryn and Ada to meet :-)
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Tickets go on sale officially on July 17th at 2pm, so we should try to figure out how many tickets to get by then.  Maybe we can get tickets on two rows so it's easier to talk. 

Also, I'll probably take that Friday off so we have a 3 day weekend.  Anyone going to be free? 

Drew, how do you feel about a family of 3 crashing?  It might be more difficult with babies, but I'd like to avoid needing to get a hotel if possible. Lmk!
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I should be free friday.  And probably all weekend.  I don't know that I'll be able to have kid free time, but I'm good for laid back get-togethers/playdates.  Gotta meet these new babies!
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We'll probably just be able to come down day of.  Perhaps after work on Friday; I'll be working then, so who knows.
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Stub hub has upper sideline for $30.  I say we go ahead and buy them.  

You think 6 tickets will be enough? Assuming:
  • Arif, Aryn (Bryn in arms)
  • V (Ada in arms)
  • Matt, Rachel (Logan and Cynthia in arms)
  • Plus one wild card (Shawn and/or Drew, or if Logan needs his own seat)

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As of yesterday, Logan is 3 :) so he no longer fits in the babe-in-arms category. Let's go ahead and get him a ticket.
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I haven't bought the tickets yet, and they're still available, but the availability has gone down.  Any one else going to be able to make it?

If no one responds by Monday I'll go ahead and by 7 tickets (one extra for putting our stuff down / Shawn or Drew). The row I'm looking at does have 10 seats available though, so let me know.
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Bought'd.  Total was $271.25 was taxes and fees for 7 tickets.