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15 Year Friendiversary

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I'm an "I don't know" or perhaps an "I don't count" since it's not my 15 year friendiversary with you guys. Anyways, Michaels only vacation this fall is oct 30-nov 5 and he'll probably be spending it in AR bc his cousins wedding is nov 4. But he also has vacation dec 18-31 so maybe there's a chance for GaS? Sorry :-/
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V, you're one of the crew, so come if you can.  Mike doesn't get weekends off?  What is this shenanigans?  haha ;)

Rachel, that's understandable, let's try this a different way:

Here are the six games available:
  1. SEP 09 Jacksonville State
  2. SEP 23 Pittsburgh
  3. SEP 30 North Carolina
  4. OCT 21 Wake Forest
  5. NOV 11 Virginia Tech
  6. NOV 25 Georgia
When can people more likely make it? 

We're going to Cancun October 9-16, so Oct 21 is probably out for us.  Georgia would be really expensive, and not a game I'd leave early, and wouldn't want to take children to it.  Jacksonville State is questionable because of reasons.  So that leaves:

  1. SEP 23 Pittsburgh
  2. SEP 30 North Carolina
  3. NOV 11 Virginia Tech
Of those, anyone have any opinions?  I think those dates would be fine, Sept 30 is closer to the cancun trip, so I'm less inclined for that, but could probably swing it.  Nov 11 is just after my birthday, so it could be a friendiversary/belated bday celebration.

I'm leaning towards 1 or 3.  What say you?
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(Updated 5/25/2017 3:06 PM)
Of your second list, 1 and 3.  We will be in Asheville for a wedding on Sept. 30th.

I wish we could know game times ahead of time...
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Ok, so we're down to:
  1. SEP 23 Pittsburgh
  2. NOV 11 Virginia Tech
Anyone else have preferences on those two?
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I could maybe swing nov 11. I could try to make a trip to Atlanta straight from little rock the week before. I gotta check in with my parents (and other family) to see if they're home. 
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The cheapest tickets I see for the VT game are $35 for upper end zone.  $40 for upper sideline.  I'd be down for either of those.  What do you guys think?  Can you make weekend of November 11th work?