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Whiplash: 2 hours of pure anxiety. In the simplest of descriptions it is the story of a band teacher with rigid standards and a boy with grand ambition. I walked away from this movie feeling perplexed. The "happy" ending is a satisfying release. Great music. Probably a lot more enjoyable to us jazz band nerds but not exclusively. 4.5 out of 5 On My Tempos

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spider-man's gonna be in some marvel movies
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Finally saw "Her". V and I watched the credits in a happy/super depressed silence. If you don't know try not finding out who the female voice is before you start. V knee and I didn't and I think my level of immersion was a little better. Watch it watch it with someone because it's chillingly lonely. Wiki journey Alan watts before you watch. 4.7/5 erotic dead-cat-tail asphyxiations.
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A few recent reviews given with no comments

Imitation Game: 9/10

Interstellar: 9/10

Edge of Tomorrow: 8.5/10

Wolf on Wall Street: 8/10

Captain American: 7/10

Top 5: 6/10

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I gave interstellar like a 4/10 but now I can't remember why. Also swingers is still so money and it doesn't even know it.
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i watched interstellar yesterday and i'm right in the middle like 6.5/10 i went in expecting more hard sci fi i get that at some point narratively science is effectively magic but they went too far with it (they WENT TOO FAR) holds up less and less the more you think about it which has happened to nolan before (dark knight rises)

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> Wolf on Wall Street
> Captain American

I'm going to assume that Shawn watched the Mockbuster versions of these films and rated them accordingly.

When I watched Interstellar <SPOILER ALERT> part of me wanted the movie to end with the dude stuck in that infinite hypercube for all eternity reliving all of his failed attempts to get through to his daughter.

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i think you mean timecube

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cautiously excited about both batman vs superman and star wars haven't been hopeful for anything star wars since i think phantom menace maybe jedi knight 2 was after that either way it's been a while


john williams still the star of the show
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I just got chills thinking "... What if Star Wars is good?..."