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yeah we thought it was pretty weak :-/  I liked Luke's whole thing/story.  Fin & Rose's (?) story was pointless and didn't contribute to the overall story.
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ok last star wars thing for a while, sometimes it's cool when one person pursues a vision but sometimes you need a team

i'm wondering if marcia lucas was the team member that's been missing since the original trilogy
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ok not star wars but still in space and it's valentines day so it's kinda on theme:

Not gonna do a full review but I was right earlier when I said Passengers was some kind of weaponized super-cute movie. Actually watched it a few months ago but I give it 3 out of 5 interstellar naked times. Good enough for a nice date movie.

But really this youtube was interesting because of how different a movie it would be with a simple change (spoilers in the rest of this post):

if the movie were rearranged as proposed, i would totally go with an ending where chris pratt does die and she's all alone and the movie ends with her alone hovering over someone else's pod deciding whether or not to wake them up
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Wonder woman: I don't get all the acclaim I mean it was an alright super hero movie. They used the slow mo in the air bass drop sound too much, like for every action scene. 3 out of 5 battle skirts

Here's where they messed up though (spoilers): the story has to have the happy ending when the natural and sad ending is right there. I'm not talking about her boyfriend dying I'm talking about wonder woman's worldview. So in Batman v Superman it's established that's she's been incognito for a long time and not really getting involved in stuff. We don't know why but this would've been the opportunity to explain. Her goal in her movie is to find and defeat Ares which she does. She says it's him that causes people to fight and have wars. She defeats him and they show soldiers from both sides shaking hands implying they're not under Ares' control (which takes a lot of agency away from them). But Ares was in disguise working to sign an armistice the whole time. They should have made it where Ares gets the treaty of Versailles signed and he's smart enough to realize it has planted the seeds for ww2. Wonder woman is pro treaty, not realizing it's from ares. Wonder woman can then defeat him and he can monologue his master plan as he dies, and then 20 years later here comes war again, with all its atrocities committed by people of their own free will (agency). Wonder woman is discouraged by this and that's why she's been avoiding active participation since. So she's lost her first boyfriend and caused the ww2. Next movie she can shed the naivete and have some burdens she's carrying around. See? Better. The way it is now she should've been meddling in stuff the whole 20th century
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Anyone see super troopers yet? Do people need to buy plane tickets so we can go to movie tavern later?
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I haven't had a chance to go watch it yet.  Got my perks for contributing to their kickstarter. :)

Still have my tanker, would be pretty fun to meet up and watch the new shenanigans.