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Workout Log

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Day 6: 10-21-2008
*with fingers a-stucka-togetha* A-Would you drink a musTACHE-a!?!!? Drank so many mustaches!
Time: Oh god too many mustaches!
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Day ohgodidunno
Received a full service massage from one "Mickey Mouse"

Time: of my life
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Bill you look positively Mexican in this photo. and I think you've been swindled: That coupon is for Mickey Moose.
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there are even moose antlers on the bubble letters
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Yeah I forgot. There were multiple coupons that one happened to be for "The Moose."
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1 mile - 5:48

i'd like to thank God and sweet little baby Jesus and my family and my producers and agents and V

check mark on that part of my life
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I believe it was 5:46 Drew.
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v is right.
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Day 7: 10/26/2008
3/16 mile at a 6min mile pace w00t. eventually I finished two laps and then two more with V while she was doing a cool down. So the time was about 26 minutes?

Day 8: 11/2/2008
1.8 miles - 16:17
I still have to stop around the mile mark and walk/run in intervals after that but it's improving. w00t!
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Completed a solid week of bowflex! w00t! now if I can just keep it up and incorporate some aerobics...who wants to get their sweat on?! maybe start practice for ultimate now so we can be gtg with the spring season starts? eh?