The best damn waste of time!


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Just finish book 12.  It was hard to put that down!

I think Sanderson stayed true to Jordan's intentions, so far.  Regarding Mat, I feel like some of it could be chalked up to his situation with the Daughter of the Nine moons, but his character does seem the most different of all the ones we encounter.  Like, he wouldn't complain Ajah stereotypes, an Aes Sedai is an Aes Sedai.  Anyhow, maybe I noticed it more bc you mentioned something, but it's not a big deal.  

I feel like Brando Sando uses "one does not..." phrases a lot, and I can't help but read it like Boromir from LotRs, every time, haha.  

Anyhow, on to Towers of Midnight (book 13)!
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Just finished book 13.  On to A Memory of Light (book 14)!
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I petered out around the 7th book. I think part of it is I get like ugh I don’t wanna read let’s listen to an audiobook and then I’m like ugh I just wanna read then I’m like no I wanna hold a paper book not a kindle then suddenly I’m buying three versions of like 15 books
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Just finished book 14!  Ahh!  I need time to process, but that was good!
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I liked that they landed the ship, and it wasn't like they had to throw everything on its head. I really don't think anything else comes close to the whole experience, quirks and all.

I finished the Rage of Dragons and started book 2 the Fire of Dragons or whatever. It's ok which I can respect. A little unimaginative so far and really digging the heels into the class struggle thing which ok cool but let's see what else you got. The fight scenes get pretty boring, just like aw sweet it was so like wow so brutal and never ever give up no matter what, ever, the plot moves along at a good clip though and I was expecting some threads to get dragged out into book long stuff but he'd wrap that up in the next chapter which is real of him
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I started watching the series...sigh.  


  • Timeline:  
    • They didn't spend enough time in the Two Rivers
    • They completely skipped Baerlon (where they meet Min for the first time).  This was a big deal to the Two Rivers kids because to them it was a big city, reinforcing their small town origins.
    • They skipped the fight scene before entering Shadar Logoth.
    • No white bridge, no journey to Caemlyn, no Elayne (so far)
  • Props:
    • No Warder's cloak.  I get that they probably didn't have the budget to make it right, but that's almost as much a part of Lan's character as his hadori, at least they didn't forget that...
    • No gleeman's cloak.  This is less of a deal for me, but still, it was part of the gleeman's appeal.
    • Emphasis on Aes Sedai hands.  I know in the books, weaves often emanate from the hands, but it's definitely not a requirement to be able to wield the One Power.
  • Characters:
    • I agree that Mat is mischaracterized.  They get the gambler aspect, but he's more a mischievous prankster than a thief.  
    • I don't like that they made Abell a neglectful adulterer.  That coupled with Rand and Egwene sleeping with each other turned the Emond's Field into a sleazy town, versus a proud town with conservative morals and small town politics at play.  What is Egwene, some Domani hussy?  At least they didn't make Rand brag about it to his friends.
    • No mordeth.  
    • I wish they made Loial's ears bigger.
I get that they can't follow the books to a T, but there's so much character development that's lost by skipping many of these scenes.  Like the fight with Trollocs on Bayle Domon's boat.  The boom swung towards Rand, by luck, or by ta'vern, or maybe an unconscious use of the One Power.  Then the scene where Mat and Rand are trapped by darkfriends in that Inn.  Lightning strikes the room so they can escape.  Without those things happening, there's no build up to believing Rand is the Dragon Reborn.  I understand that they want to sow doubt by demonstrating that the others have great power, like Nynaeve's healing scene, but by that time, they haven't demonstrated Rand can do much of anything, except barge through a door, and that Dragonmount seems familiar to him.

Anyways, for now I'm just going to pretend like this is one of the possible past/future worlds the Dark One shows Rand, or one of the alternate worlds you can access through a Portal Stone.  

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I love this site.  It was helpful for me when the world opens up in the later books.  
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That's a cool time site definitely can use that when avoiding emails

Agree on all items about the show, the biggest  thing for me is the we don't know if the Dragon is a boy or a girl, well then the whole stakes a of a savior that will go insane is not even in okay, and the whole theme of the series being about duality and balance literal yin and yang imagery, well if we're all the same what balance is there to be had, and it's all so transparent
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Ok. I really need to check in more often. The main reason I did is because I finished Shogun. So yeah, took about a year. Good book ruined by the last chapter. There was still so much story to be told and they essentially “yada yada yada-ed” the end. “All the things we were leading up to? Yeah, that all happens. How does it happen? Doesn’t matter. Oh, you’re invested in the characters? Too bad. I’ve been writing this book for four years and really just want to be done with it.”  
4 out of 5. Definitely a gaijin’s intro to Japanese history/culture as told through the lens of a “round eye.”