The best damn waste of time!


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in the middle of the WALWAB audiobook and i agree pretty enjoyable and easy to listen to without listening too hard.  More of a record of possible future events as recorded by an asperger future seer than straight up fiction, told very matter of fact.  I'm a little surprised its published, seems more like something an amateur would write for a reddit writing prompt or a blog a la Jason Dies.  In fact feels a lot like watching someone else play a very open-ended video game.  So works for me ;).  And i was thinking the same thing this morning that a surprisingly large number of "humanists" are just antisocial misanthropic cynical atheists with a conscience or at least some OCD devotion to altruism 'cause its such a simple ethic.  

Either way we keep duplicating a lot of audible purchases :)
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this audible trial worked for both my accounts w00t