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does it look like the old threads will be postable in the future? want to add to some sagas if possible...
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Been busy, so I haven't looked at it.  If you have some posts you wanna make now, just create a new thread with the same name, and during the merge process I'll move those posts to the same thread. 

"Old409" will remain there for reference until we're satisfied with the merged data.
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  • Fixed time date label to correctly say "yesterday" if the post was within 24 hours, but is actually from the previous day.
  • Fixed DateTime's to display in EST (or EDT)
    • The servers are hosted in Eastern US, so I assumed the timezone was EST, but the server timezone is set to UTC.  This was causing the built in ToLocalTime method to return the utc dates as utc, d'oh!
    • I plan to add a preference to be able to change your timezone, but for now, I will assume you want to view timestamps in Eastern time (i.e. the only correct timezone).
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feeture requests: 
can we have it so when you have an unread thread the pages you've alread seen aren't bold?  can be hard to figure out where you were
can we see youtubes fullscreen?
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This is minor, but thought I'd throw it out in case it's really easy.  When I'm done in a thread I usually click the 409 logo to go back to the main page.  Recently I've found myself looking at threads in "Old409", and out of habit I click the logo and end up back at the new 409 main page.  Any chance clicking the logo could take me to the New/Old/Developer main page depending on where I'm at?
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@Steve, yeah I was meaning to implement that, but never got around to it.  It's simple enough, should have that out tomorrow.

@Mike, that's a little more complicated, but I think I have a solution.  I'll add it to the feature request.

I haven't had a chance to work on migrating the data because I want to improve performance before adding the larger data set.  I need to implement some caching and fix some of the "quick 'n dirty" things I did to get the site up and running.  Once I have that working, I'll move the data over and we'll be gtg!  I'll still leave the Old409 forum there for historical reference, but it won't show newer posts.

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Arif -- the way I fixed Mike's problem was whenever a new post is added to a thread that a user is (until now) up-to-date on, I record that specific post ID. Then, whenever the user clicked the thread title, it would bring them directly to that post. That solves most of the problem. However, if that user doesn't then immediately read the rest of the new posts (e.g. a thread blows up and 3 new pages of posts are created, but they only read the first page of new stuff), the system thinks they're up to date to the latest post. So then it'd be up to that user to manually go back until they find where they left off.

Also if a user is completely up-to-date on a thread, I made the title link go to the latest page b/c that's probably where you want to be.

Just my 2 cents, it's your party now :)
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TBC in the developer forum, here.