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(Updated 10/8/2010 7:26 AM)

Now that I have threads in place it'll be nice and easy to organize any kind of feature request list. So all you feature hounds do your worst. I know jacob wants profiles like a/s/l/fav color/zodiac/facebook.* type stuff.. I'll probably do that at some point. but what else u guys want?


  • "updated edit" -- should send u back to the right thread now [DONE]
  • "Don't allow reply until logged in" - high priority == [DONE]
  • "Home Button" - ok i'll add that soon [DONE]
  • "recently logged in" -- righto.. i remember that one from before. I'm on it. *Edit* - i finished this one; right now it'll say you're logged in for at least 10 minutes after your last activity (even if you explicitly logout). I might fix it up so that it's more accurate but meh.. [DONE] for now
  • "Links to thread pages" - This is the only thread to breach the 20 post mark but you can see it in all its glory on the main page [DONE]
  • "Intelligent Link Handling" - see below for a better description of this request.. I'll work on it l8r [DONE]
  • "Delete a Post" - ok you asked for it. Posts can now be edited and deleted but only in their first 10 minutes of existence. This will simplify things for the next item on the request list... [ DONE]
  • "Preferences (post ordering)" - Currently only changable at the Edit Your Account page
  • "New/Seen Thread View" - when you log in it shows you the threads *you* have / have not seen.. [DONE]
  • Persistent Login via Cookies - [DONE]
  • "This day on 409" - Have a page that shows all the posts on $this_day/$this_month/$any_year - [DONE]
  • "Thread title in <title>" - Already in v4 - [DONE]
  • "Add / Hide in Edit mode; no more HTML knowledge required for users" - This mostly complete what with the Rich Text Editor and all.

*** NOT DONE ***

  • "Extended Profiles" - I'll stick this in the 'long term' section
  • "Forum Divisions" - coming eventually.. probably
  • "Font colors and Smileys" - ok ok.. i'll look into it
  • "Rotating gif logos" - i liked this when we had it so i'll see what i can do about bringing it back
  • "Thread tags" - Apply tags to a thread like "sex lies videotapes"
  • "Sortable thread list" - Ability to sort the main thread list by any number of attributes
  • "Mobile409" - Definitely going to happen
  • "Cross-browser goodness" - Should be rockin and rollin' with v4
  • "Preview before submit; show thread contents while editing" - Will do
  • "Time zones" - argh it's on the list

*** NOT GUNNA DO ***

  • "Scrolly Menu" - gunna happen eventually
  • Generic "Abuse Shawn" Button - meh.
  • "WWJBD" - long term but ok ;-D
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What about putting the thread list under the Usefuls list on the left and keeping the main body of the page? That way random stuff has a place to go. More of a layout call than a feature request. I guess I'll request a feature just to contribute. Hmm.. How about a "currently logged in"?
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as for the layout changes & keeping content on the main page we'll see how it goes.. I might put a short list of threads at the top of the content section and then put the "main thread" posts under that. whateva
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Drew Day (a forum veteran) suggested I add a little mouse-over effect so you can see the beginning of someone's post if you mouse-over the name of the thread. THANKS DREW DAY FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE
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Every time I see "Drew Day" I get excited and think it's my birfday!!!1
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Yeah i like what arif's sayin about having the main page be random posts. I'd like numbers at the bottom of the archive pages and how about cookies so w don't have to log in? :-D Rawk on with the new thread stuff matt!

edit: OMG spoke to soon numbered archives!!1!!! We done WENT international.
dbl edit: when we edit can we go back to the thread where the poast we edited was? thanks your eternal beta tester mike

triple edit: can we number the archive from oldest to newest so its possible to permanently reference a link or post being on a page?
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How about a ranking system for posts and posters.

Is there a way to show which posts you have not viewed based on the time you logout. Maybe make the title a different color.

How many new members do we have so far since we have opened up the registration?
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omag quick reply too :D

still needs quote feature tho

and smilies
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ohh no i dont think my askey pictures are turning out and my big post is only two away! and one was fretting about running out of posts!

well i suppose this isnt the right thread but it's too late now. i'll fix it by saying "can we get a delete-a-post option?"
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Steven mentioned to me that since he doesn't visit the page as often as others that it is hard for him to just see the recent posts instead of having to go through each thread and go to the bottom.

Maybe there is a way to show the most recent posts outside the threads. However I don't think that you want the screen too cluttered. Maybe a threads and non-threads view?