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I don't understand is he getting fake news plant detection or he's creating fake news plant detection?

Also the internet seems to not be in agreeance on whether Virgina creeper is poisonous, intellectually I think it's not but my brain says yes whenever I see it
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Yeah we first thought the VA creeper was like poison oak or something. But Michael pulled a lot of it out and it doesn’t seem to be poisonous. 

He really did just pick poison ivy out of the yard. We have a lot of it. Ada keeps turning up with random rashes. 
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Update: JV took me to his little friends birthday party where I only knew the host parents, no one was wearing hang ties but I was still able to find someone to talk video games with, didn't even ask his name

Also, this guy on the Internet says get the poison ivy oil off with a rag and you should be good
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We came back from vacation yesterday and barbie bought a souvenir that the guy polished right before we left and I stuck it in my luggage, I'm wearing pants that were in the luggage and now I'm getting a little light headed at work
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I couldn't really figure out where to post this, but I guess this works. 

The other day I was talking on the phone with my mom.  She was asking about Aryn's aunt, Tante Linda.  Tante recently had a liver transplant at the Mayo clinic, so I was explaining that to my mom, and how Tante has had to go back a few times, but she's overall doing well. 

Anyhow, a few hours later I was browsing through Facebook and there's a damn ad for liver transplants at the mayo clinic, so I cursed social media for listening in on my conversations.   I showed Aryn and she says "Yeah, we're doomed".  So I say "I'm just gonna start saying random phrases to see if I can get ads to show up for them."  Aryn says "Yeah, I'll say...--".  I interrupt and say "Don't say it!...".  I genuinely hadn't thought of anything, but a moment later, we both say, in unison, "Penis pump." bwhahahhaha!  Oh man, the timing was  so good!  Haha, it was on the level of "butt--" "plug!" haha.  

So anyways, I feel very connected with my wife, lol!

P.s. - no penis pump ads yet, but maybe this post will get things moving.  Haha