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Pumpkin patch update: I found a large monarch caterpillar on the plant chomping away on one of the small fruits. I hope it stays and makes its cocoon. Michaels afraid we’re gonna have a Very Hungry Caterpillar situation and that it’ll eat all the pumpkin buds. 
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They do eat a lot. We planted some milkweed a while back and had like 11 or so caterpillars eat all of it.  We ended up buying some more plants and kept them in our back patio, so we got to watch a lot of the process and released them after they hatched.  If you can find a milkweed plant, might be good to transfer it.  

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Scott had asked me to make some lyric videos for a 3 song release he's doing, so I'm like sure I've done that before. 3 steps essentially: make a background image, make a visualizer video with a script, then add lyrics as captions in windows movie maker. WMM has been discontinued so I had to go find that. I'm using Barbie's tiny laptop so I had to go find her photoshop CD to install that to make the background, and I had to find the usb cd drive. Cool got those after a day. Then I import the clip in WMM and add lyrics. It exports at some jacked low resolution. I'm like wait I remember using MS Expression Encoder before to convert the clips and add overlays so I go get that. Then EE says it can't import the clip even though I know I've done it before. Interweb says go install quicktime which has been discontinued since like 2016. So ok I do that. I can then convert the clip with EE to a wmv which I think will export correctly in WMM. No. I try all kinds of settings in WMM to get it to work, knowing I've gotten it to work several times before. Today after two days I finally find a 43 second YT clip that says click the "Widescreen" button in WMM, and of course that fixes everything. Don't even need to convert the clips.
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I cleaned out my drawer of CD/DVD-Rs yesterday. If you're looking for a 2 CD divx copy of the Matrix Reloaded, I no longer have one. Sorry. I'll probably need it for some reason later this week though.