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Friday I had to reapply for my current job. Everyone in the whole school had to go through a reapplication process. Basically they wanted to fire 2 people and instead of just doing that, they made all of us reapply so they could weed those two out without actually firing them. They just won't get their contracts renewed. Stupidest waste of time ever. On the plus side, Logan is reading which is terrifying and now impossible to spell-hide things from him.
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Total posts: 4746
And then this past weekend we noticed the freezer was dying so we had a "cook everything now" party and some people came over

If the repair was gonna be too much we were gonna have to buy a fridge that would last through a potential kitchen remodel in a few years so that would've been expensive but the guy replaced the motherboard for like $380

Also we had a bunch of trees trimmed and cut down at e-casa and now the house looks bigger (pro tip)
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I've heard that if your house loses weight it can also contribute to additional visible inches.