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Mushishi is very japanese and is pretty much anime poetry very slow my cousin was way into it i watched like 5 eps a couple years ago but can appreciate the appeal

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Are you saying I'm not a young adult!?  I think part of it was the undercurrent of perviness that I couldn't shake and wasn't in the ones drew introduced me to. Like do you really have to have a tentacle and a shower scene in every show??  I watched FLCL a long time ago and it was like that too ...

My current list of most-exciting sounding ones is:

Steins Gate




Clannad after story

Attack on Titan


Black lagoon??

Trigun (keep false-starting that one)

Maybe Magi??

Is that new one netflix put out (sidonia) supposed to be good?

I just recently rewatched Champloo.  Really what I want is more champloo/bebop/shell but oh well. I also watched Death Note which started out promising but sagged a lot in the middle.  Geez maybe i've watched too much anime. 

Maybe I'll rewatch fullmetal brotherhood or moribido or vamp hunter since I know I like those :D

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Oh ok well I'm a perv so that stuff doesn't bother me.  Tentacle porn creepy old men and an obsession with unusually large boobs is just part of Japanese culture so it is pervasive in most anime. :D

Barakamon is clean as far as I remember and is only like 12 episodes so it's not a huge time commitment.

90% of the women in Bleach have a huge rack and one shape shifter often shifts back to human form with no clothes on. 

You might like Akame Ga Kill and Code Geass.

You can never watch enough anime. 

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Naruto is worth watching it can get bogged down in filler episodes but it has some really great Moments capital m keep hearing about attack on titan but haven't watched it myself trigun was just ok never really got going also I started full metal alchemists so I'll see what that's all about
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FMA brotherhood was probably my favorite i watched after champloo/bebop/ghost/fhqwhgads.  Fun characters "dramatic" storyline.  I false-started titan started a little slow but lots of people are fans so maybe i just need to get past the first few.  

I love boobs as much as the next guy but they intentionally make you feel rapey about it which I don't totally get.  Shape-shifting back into nudity sounds awesome; old guy slobbering/projectile sweating over young girl nosomuch.  Comes with the territory I guess so i can accept that ;)

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I tried gargantia on the verdurous planet I really like that it's colourful but a few eps in there's a"beach day" fan service episode and I thought that was silly and nothing else had really grabbed me so I stopped about 12 episodes into attack on titan really thick heavy atmosphere and sometimes I think they're taking the seriousness of a moment and doing it so hard that it creeps into parody through parody and back to seriousness haven't seen anything life changing yet though and watching both of these and being unimpressed I was wondering if I'm like going through adolescence 2.0 and I think everything is lame again
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dude everything IS lame again.  pshhhhhhh

also verurous i only made it to like episode 2 and I was like OK this is going nowhere

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finished the first season of attack on titan and overall it's pretty meh there's supposed to be more in 2016 but that's a long time they never really explained what was going on so i tried to look up spoilers from the manga and even then it sounds pretty flimsy

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but i mean put a chord progression like this behind any scene and you're going to get a reaction from me

yeah it's not fancy and kinda cheesy and engrishy but that progression tho

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such dramatic. much emotional.


i do like the chord progression in the chorus tho