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Thoughts on season 4? Michael and I are like 4 episodes in. It feels weird so far.
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Rachel and I have decided that we're pot committed and will finish the season regarless of if it improves or not :(

edit: we're about as far in as you are

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The first few episodes are super awkward but it defintely gets better.  I think I laughed like once in the first 3 episodes but it gets pretty good once everything is built up.  

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we watched the first season of brooklyn 99 on hulu not a life changer but it got some laughs out of me the police stuff is way off but that's aight

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i still haven't finished the cell saga on z

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They made dbz kai the past few years hd rerelease and cut the episode count way down too haven't seen what they cut though I didn't really follow it much after cell I think me and arif watched the rest of the series but it changed tone
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I ventured into anime on my own without the patient guiding hand of Drew.  I ended up watching Sword Art Online and Hunter X Hunter.  While I thoroughly enjoyed these during the watching I somehow feel dirty and regretful.  Is this a common post-anime emotion? 

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Aftercare is important

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Some dude gave a recommendation for sword art online so I watched 3 eps but gave up I thought an anime about a video game would be extra fantastical but I think when I was watching it I got the same feeling that I would get if I were trying to explain the premise to a boss or peer with way different interests ie trying to withhold judgement but sounds kind of lame and I'm subtly judging you anyways so yes Michael I understand
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I enjoyed SAO and Hunter X Hunter.  You have to keep in mind that the target audience for a lot of anime (especially shonen jump) is young adults.  Not sure if that curbs and of your regret.  Maybe you can try slice of life anime as change from those two.  Something like Kokuro No Basket (about a high school basketball team) or Barakamon (about a calligrapher with writer's block).  

Anyways if you're looking for more to watch I would recommend watching on  It's a great site that doesn't have any popups or spyware (that I've noticed) and it lets you bookmark your favorites highlights the episodes you've watched already and you can mark series that you've watched (great for people like me with terrible memories).  You can also share your bookmarks.  

Also my friend told me that they're going to be making a new DBZ series that picks up after the Buu series and apparently they're going to use the original voice actors.  One dude is like 78 now haha.