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I'm just ignorant enough to enjoy Mr. Robot

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I prefer Drunk History.  Seems the most legit.

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Mike I haven't watched Mr. Robot but there are technology-ish people on my facebook that speak very highly of the show's dedication to reality-based hacking / use of computers. So maybe if you were even less ignorant you'd still be able to enjoy the show :)

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Hahah.  I feel like the show was designed not for compsci folks but for people who were roommates with compsci folks.  LIke "oh Tor that's a thing.  Oooh Linux that's a thing too!"  good to know it works on multiple levels though. :)  some of the tropes are a little worn but they do enough differently that its worth a watch.  

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Netflix making a live action cowboy bebop

Probably at some point of my life I would've thought this could be cool but right now I'm not seeing the value add here