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I wouldn't really say ~350KB/s is really throttling might just be the cap of your connection. Throttling is what brighthouse does when loading up some torrent files and you can't browse even load up google because your max transfer for ANYTHING is ~0.0001KB/s. Check with your ISP and find out what the max bandwidth is. Also try at 3am 8am etc..not when all the lil highschool kids are rockin the limewire
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so last night my firefox stopped working and i have no idea what i did: its stuck on caps lock unless i put on the caps lock button: all the punctuation buttons will only type the top punctuation (hence the lack of periods in this): when i click on links or anything it opens a new window instead of just sending it to a new tab: and in order to close a tab i have to click on it before the little red x button will even show up for me to close it: and the cursor wont work correctly: and theres a little yellow warning sign on the logo (like the four o nine logo here: yeah no numbers either) that goes away when i click on the tab: that goes away and the red x shows up so i can close:
so i have no idea what happened: it was working fine and then ten minutes later it was brokeded: someone explain in english what the hell i did and howi can fix it :(

edit: it seems that most things on my computer are having the same problem: aim IE microsoft word: ihave no idea what the hell i did
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well firefox new window is the result of a shift+click.. and "top punctuations only" is the result of holding down shift.. so it would seem to me that you have either a software or hardware malfunction (did you hit your keyboard with a shoe?) that makes your computer think you are holding down the shift key all the time.

Things I'd try in this situation probably in this order:
  • tap the left and right shift keys a few times to see if it'll unstick something
  • restart the computer to see if it's a software thing
  • pry off the shift keys to see what might be going on underneath
  • plug in a different keyboard (is this a laptop? plugging in a USB keyboard should still work afaik)

what did you do!?
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i have no idea what i did but i restarted my computer and it seems to be working (for now). it was the weirdest thing ever. thanks for the help tho.
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quit fip fip fipping on your shift key! lol
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Don'T LIsTen To aRIF He"S juST jEaLOus B?c hE's fAStiNG
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so i'm thinking about transitioning up to vista any reason too? and does anybody have a license they get through work or school or something?
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arif can get us infinity+1 licenses from work unless that will raise eyebrows and suspicions.

as for reasons for / against it is sexy and fixes some annoying things.. then again it has its own special brand of annoying that takes a few days of wrestling with it to really appreciate. a wrestling match that i have yet to commit myself to.
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i am running both right now (laptop vista and PC xp)and i'm much happier with xp if that counts. it could be just cause i am old fashioned. either way hold on to your old xp license
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anyone out there have/know someone who has/know anything about AT&T's fiber optic stuff that they're rolling out (AT&T U-verse)? they're offering us TV/internets for about the same price we're paying now for directv/3 Mbps DSL and it comes with a DVR (which we don't currently have). they'll buy us out of our current directv contract and waive all installation fees (including the cost of the DVR). i just don't know much about it but it has the distinct advantages of: 1) it's not comcast and 2) it isn't satellite so there aren't weather-related outages