The best damn waste of time!

First Day of Work

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Yes the one that did time.
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LinkedIn just notified me that Arif has been working for Avanade for 9 years. I'd like to point out that in this thread he said he planned on doing this consulting thing for 1-2 years :)

Congrats on having a stable career and making a liar out of yourself!

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I saw that too and it made me slightly retrospective. I think I remember when he got that job because we were on our way to PCB in 2006. He was one of the first of us to get an actual job.

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My 9 year anniversary is actually 9/13 so LinkedIn jumped the gun a bit.  I think back then my intentions were to get some experience and then go back and get my MBA.  But dem dolla dolla bills yall that's where it's at!  Haha.

That's right Shawn!  I was in Steve's truck driving there (or back) when I got the call.  That was pretty damn exciting new! :D

Now I just need to get married and have a kid to catch up to the rest of you guys. :O

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you know what they say "first with the dough last with a ho"

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And vice versa