The best damn waste of time!

First Day of Work

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So today was pretty action packed.. we started with a 2 mile run and a physical which was followed by a polygraph.

No but seriously..

Short version: I can wear jeans and if i refer someone to work at Harris I can get lots of cash money.

This was all at the harris employment building; tomorrow I report for duty at my actual building. However I believe I will be going through some more orientation once I get there for at least part of the day.
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also since that tropical whatever is coming through its been a bit rainy today. at least the waves look big and cool outside my window.
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I'm planning on doing this consulting thing for about 1-2 years so perhaps harris is in my future (plus a random referral bonus). :D Avanade is totally skimping on the referral funds only $200 or $300. ::shakes fist:: Oh well i guess they don't really care for referrals. Sunny South Florida here I come! Again. Only austin-powers-running-over-that-dude-in-a-bull-dozer style!
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lol best analogy ever
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So here's how my first real day of work went:

Arrive at 8am; meet up with Michelle who's managing stuff for me while this other lady Lisa is in DC for a few weeks. She walks me over to my building where I meet my boss Marc and his little group of dudes. I then meet his boss who is my supervisor and the guy who hired me. I find out that I was seen as a good fit for Marc and his projects which include 3D map generation (integratable with GIS whoop whoop Shawn) LiDAR usage image processing and more so that's why I got snatched up from the get go. Apparently a lot of people that get hired at Harris have to wait weeks or months before they actually get assigned to a project; I'm on two :-)

So I start the day reading articles white papers (what a silly name for something) and other research relating to my work (like this and this). Then after lunch I went to a meeting where 3 other guys and I were discussing issues with an implementation of the algorithm you'll see if you read that first pdf.

If any of you cats know how fantastic it feels to participate in and contribute to an hour and a half long intelligent discussion about something that interests you then you know exactly how satisfied I am with my career choice.

SHAZAUM. I feel so good I think I'm gunna go run a mile.
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I was 100% with you until you threw in that thing about running a mile. Anyways congrats on the job going well.
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yeah.. I decided against the mile because I didnt wanna be sore for Harris Ultimate Frisbee tonight :-)
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You kids and your jobs...
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so ultimate was fun. The turnout wasn't all that impressive; I found out that it wasn't actually Harris Ultimate -- its just that a lot of harris employees tend to show up. anyway the thermometer happened to read "hot as balls on a skillet" so I was sweating profusely and I didnt bring enough water so I shared a gallon with this other guy. Which may have been a mistake in hindsight because i've been mighty sick the past 48+ hours or so. But maybe it had nothing to do with that guy's water.. who knows. Anyway I'm feeling better I think. I'll tell you after the next time a take a dump; if it pours out like weak tea then no I'm not feeling better.
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Did you show up those Harris noobs in ultimate?