The best damn waste of time!

First Day of Work

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i played aight; i'm outta shape and it was really humid so my body pretty much protested the whole way through. I did have a few good plays though.
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I've never heard anyone describe tea as being weak before but somehow it makes that statement so much more vivid. lol weak tea.
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we've got some ultimate going on up here in tennessee as well. pretty nice turnouts it's been at least 7's all three times i've gone and one day we had 2 games. i'm in a similar situation of being rather out of shape so i haven't been doing too great. i did however put upwards of 4 D's on the same guy in the which point i think he was about to punch me in the face. sadly he's the only one i've done very well against.

on a related note everybody needs to start getting ready for angry dragons '06. those of you who have graduated and left atlanta that's no excuse to not play. if everyone agrees it might be a good idea to merge with some of the remnants of toast (possibly just chris and tyler). this year we're going all the way.
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Oh man I'm usually good at these.

Ham & Balls omlette? dang that ruins omlettes for me.
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lol mike you have the same thermometer that's in my rental car

and by the way did i say weak tea? i meant ground cheerios and watery cottage cheese. its ok though the doctor says my body should be just about done emptying itself of sin and impurity. which is pretty impressive given my track record. 22 years emptied in 72 hours; i think i deserve a certificate of achievement.
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even though this has nothing to do with the first day of work it just looked like a good place. drew
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I went ahead and told my mom to be ready if the FBI calls for any number of reasons. Prob a good idea to ease your parents into that idea.
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So today is my first day at CTI. So far I have filled out paperwork attended a staff meeting where my resume was pretty much read by my supervisor to introduce me got assigned two projects and figured out I can get to both Club409 and the facebook from my computer. I think I win.

Oh and I found out my benefits pretty much rock hard core here I get covered parking I can come in early and leave early if I want to and one of the head dudes is good friends with my uncle.
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uncle mike?