The best damn waste of time!


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Favorite CTU Agent: Michelle Dessler (omg she is so uber cute!)
Most Sinister 24 Terrorist: Nina Myers
Favorite 24 Quote: "Chloe just do it!" "I'm gonna need a hacksaw" is a close 2nd (or 1337th I think Jack's said the first one 1336 times so far!)
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24 Map
the OFFICIAL fap man button

Goin thru my head: "i'm the Fap Man skeebeedeebee doowop bop"
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OK I propose everyone needs to pick their favorites and we vote off bracket style until we get to our collective favorites.
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I thought a good 5 or 6 minutes about these choices.

Favorite CTU Agent: Chloe
Most Sinister 24 Terrorist: Dina Araz
Favorite 24 Quote: "I'm gonna need a hacksaw"

Favorite CTU moment: ?
Most uncomfortable CTU moment: When Teri takes one for the team to protect her daughter in Season 1.
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Favorite CTU Agent: Chloe but Edgar is up there for me RIP
Most Sinister 24 Terrorist: Mandy (partly what arif said about michelle and i think a lesbian terrorist deserves some credit)
Favorite 24 Quote: "Let's get something straight kid the only reason you're still conscious is because I don't want to carry you." (b/c i want to be different and i only hope to use that one day.)
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damn good quote justin. I think we should all aspire to using that one day.
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I would wear these every day.
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you had more than $61 dollars to put towards that.
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Alas I was unaware of the auction until it was too late.
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Plus what kind of message would you be sending? An officer of the law wearing the pants of a known terrorist?