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BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype

I wish I could use mouse gestures on my real desk =\
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If anyone has an xp professional key that they aren't using or can get from university let me know. I have 30 days to find one. Or if you have a XP home cd that you can let me borrow I can use my key.
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*woof* @ bumptop
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I have a problem which I am sure someone knows how to do. I have a folder with a few hundred pdf's with the file name as the unique identifier. I would like to create a list of all the file names so that I can import into a database. I believe there is some print command you can run to return a list but I can't remember how it is done.

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foreach $file (`glob *.pdf`) { print $file; }
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however if you're not a perl hacker and you're on a windows box then the command you're probably looking for is:
dir /b *.pdf > listOfFiles.txt

(f.y.i the "b" stands for bare formatting)
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Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn was released today. Features include (stolen from a slashdot post):
  • 18 month support term
  • Better installation includes migration tools for mail and such from Windows and linux partitions.
  • Improved wireless support with Avahi
  • Easier third party codec/firmware/driver installation including Nvidia and ATi proprietary drivers and mp3 codecs.
  • Two new games : glches and soduko
  • Compiz/Beryl support for desktop 3D effects (not default)
  • Beagle (search indexed) Tomboy (note tacking program sticky notes) and F-Spot (photo management.. alternatively called G-spot depending on the type of photos).
  • java

emphasis added because that's the stuff i've been using on my computar to get the sexy effects.

P.S. for those of you that already have an ubuntu distribution installed and especially version 6.10 (i think that's what you said you put on yours mike?) then you can do an automagical upgrade without formatting or anything.
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I'm thinking about getting a USB hard drive enclosure for my laptop's 2.5-inch IDE hard drive since "sending the damn thing into Dell" seems to be my new hobby. Does anyone have any suggestions? has some for supercheap but I don't know if there are any factors other than "price" that I should be looking for.
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Gutsy Gibbon is out (xkcd is really hitting home right now). Ubuntu now has NTFS writability which is pretty nifty. Looks like a lot of the other stuff is about the same as Feisty: improved installation/upgrade process better plugin management improved 3D desktop effects.
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everytime i tried to install fiesty fawn it would say invalid kernel image. i eventually gave up and hoped when the gibbon came out it would work. now when i get to the boot screen it won't respond to the 'enter' key. i can go up down and use F1 etc. I just can select any of the options. any thoughts?