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The Enemy

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(Updated 12/8/2021 10:24 PM)
For documenting conflicts in the great war against our many enemies, who are clearly just many manifestations of the Dark One, whether in the form of a PMC neighbor, a neighbor with loud Guatemalan circus music, a neighbor who's dog barks nervously whenever there is matter or energy about ...

Anyway some jerk took over our Disney+ and ESPN+ accounts and changed the email to and added a bunch of profiles.  I was being lazy and using old email/pwd combos that I knew were out in the darkweb ether, so on me but only in that leaving your car unlocked way I mean its really on you for being an asshole but anyway. Only option Disney gave was to cancel all the accounts so there goes the old watch list and even worse the kids are gonna complain about how they lost their place on all their favorite stupid uncanny valley shows. :(

Feel free to send your favorite lemon party pics to that email although I assume its a burner or whatever you kids call them so only the Dark One will see them and he probably likes that stuff
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But, yeah also, that dog that lives behind us D-<
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I've got some pwnt passwords out there I think but maybe I'll just leave them and ensnare my future enemies that way