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Nvm I found out what actually happened

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We started watching Mandolorian.  We're 3 episodes in, and It's entertaining.  It definitely has star wars elements, but I think the musical score makes it feel like a completely different thing.  It's not that the music is bad, just seems to distance itself from the movies.
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we started the 4th season of the expanse, it's pretty alright sci-fi, it went from the sci-fi channel to amazon video at some point, not sure what the long term plan is for the show or even if it's still going because it ends at season 4 currently
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I've been tearing through Altered Carbon on Netflix. Season 1 is a fun sci-fi whodunit with pretty explicit sexy time and violence. A whole lot of "oh man look how much of a badass this main character is omg" though.. and now that the original mystery is solved and I'm into Season 2, I'm not sure if the story will stay as engaging. We'll see!
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I really liked season 1 of Altered Carbon. Agree on explicit sexy time. Started season 2 but didn’t get too far. Maybe I’ll try again. Me and the wife have been working through The Patriot on Prime. Pretty solid dark comedy.
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Michael wanted me to share this
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V I don't know if you know but in case I never told you cowboy bebop is like the best, I mean I'm kind of like meh on the whole Netflix series thing but I had heard there's going to be new yoko kanno music and now I'm interested again, I'll bet I hear the soundtrack before watching the show