The best damn waste of time!

Happy X-wanzakkah

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Happy belated x-wanzakkah from outside of Dallas TX! We're visiting Barbie's brother and family. Had a Filipino Christmas party and I made a good showing at the talent show with my weird jointed fingers.

I got a board game called power grid (get it because I work for the power company (and it's supposed to be a good game)) and Barbie got photosynthesis the game, there's an old thread somewhere that I was trying to keep track of my game collection but we're pretty far behind even on our board game geek inventory, which I pull to an app nowadays

Also v I never told you but I'm your cousin too
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Awesome news drew! Then you can have 1/42 of all our debt. I won’t even make you wait till I’m dead!
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Sorry v if you're not familiar with Irish common case law but our relationship is asset based only