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I run 3 days a week and mostly feel like shit
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(Updated 4/19/2019 3:01 PM)
I still make it out for Sunday pickup and manage to hold my own.  I can't play more than 2 or 3 points at a time, so my endurance is pretty bad, but I can still make decent cuts.  I haven't run a timed mile in a while, but my friends and I visited St. Louis a few weeks back, and one of my friends is a big runner, so she signed up for a 4miler (she wants to run a race in every state).  I decided to do the 2 miler so i wasn't sitting around.  I don't recall my exact time, but it was around 18:30.  It's pretty slow, but given the hills and that it was like 45 degrees and drizzling, i'm satisfied.  It's sad to look back through this thread and see I was down to a 7:13 mile pace.  I'm probably back up to 8 minutes+ now. :(  One of these days i'll crack 7 minutes...

My work gives out $200/year for completing 5 activities through  One of the activities was to complete 150k steps in a month.  Back in february i had accrued about 130k by February 28th.  Of course I had to work all day that day, and then we were planning to visit my parents that weekend, and we didn't get there until about 10:30pm.  I managed to get in the last 20k by like 11:30pm, w00t!   I ran for about 40 minutes nonstop to get most of it in, haha.
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V, your candor is both appreciated and discouraging :-P

I've run every day so far, but day 1 was definitely maximum effort. Today's step counter is currently at 3012, so I need to get back out there.
My team is currently winning this week's matchup. Our opponents have 2 people that have yet to report in (and you only have 1 day grace period to enter, so they've at least missed out on any numbers for Wednesday).
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The 5th and final week of the Step Challenge is partway through. I've broken 10k steps thrice total:
  • Week 1 Day 1 -- when I went balls deep on fitness runs and walks
  • Week 2 Day 4 -- In Orlando, when I went to a park with Arif and Bryn, and then danced for a few hours at Josh and Kayla's anniversary party. I doubt the night was a net positive as far as physical health goes.
  • Week 5 day 1 -- when I went for a run in the morning, and then an extra long run in the evening.
I know the likelihood of my continued participation once the structured challenge ends is fairly low.. so I guess I need to give it my all this week and hope that I can coast until next year :-P
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For your last run, you should sprint the last leg as hard as you can then land in the recliner and then never move until the next challenge