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Shawns right on the 15 min. job. might take longer if the filter is hiding. Rachel ill look at it sunday? that's the earlyest i can get there or just put watter in it till "full" wont hurt it promise. And Smoov B your screwed. in 7 different ways. I would just stratigicly place "ant traps" in your car wash it and see how that works. or take it so a "hand wash" car wash and make them fix it. There is no such thing as headlight fluid. But I can get you some...
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bug bomb ftw
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Hey can you dig around the closets and find me a Stage IV Turbo package lying around? Yeah and its gonna need to fit a gen IV jetta. kthx. :-D

OH NOES 100! and for my great work of askey art:

:-D~~<==B w a a h a hah ha that guy over there's eating spaghetti!!!
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1 stage IV turbo kit. coming up