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(Updated 2/13/2018 5:58 AM)
Does anyone know of an app that manages mass SMS texting? It would be for quick notification of church staff of security/safety concerns

- quick to use
- app not required by recipient (they just receive the sms)
- updateable list of recipients
- ability of key persons to text the list at a moments notice

Edit: so a scenario would be I need to text everyone tornado warning take cover, but also someone else might be able to do it too not just me
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Found some good ones here.

GroupMe sounds pretty good.  App not required, and they can respond to the group.
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arif those are some good ones but how about these instead

i actually have groupme already installed, guess i'll fool around with it some more to see if it does what we need
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I'm thinking about phasing out chrome (ram and spying too much) and switching to edge which i haven't used any yet, i mean i use firefox for some stuff but it's kinda sluggish, yes/no/you crazy?