The best damn waste of time!

omg the internets

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The least you could have done is write a limerick of your own.

To write in such rhythm and meter
Not to mention to rhyme ever neater
Is a chore (you can bet)
But to toil and sweat
Makes the rhythm well-written much sweeter

In avoiding a rhyming repeater
I nearly rhymed neater with liter
(As in sweat). But a word
That is so rarely heard
Would have certainly made me a cheater

We all know that the Limerick is witty
And to find just as dirty a ditty
Is uncommon. It's fated
As an art under-rated
Just as much so as Limerick the city.

That was refreshing. Back to histology.
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plus in the south Limerick has three maybe four syllables so :p
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i do not remember "blowing" anything
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well if you did that it would indeed be an historic 100th post ;-)
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I can't remember some of the best nights of my life. Sounds like it was quite a time Jill.
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wow i want to see this movie.

ref one
ref two
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Wow that was a good laugh. I love SEED.
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for lovers of john oliver and podcasts there is this
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The internet says that john oliver is a daily show correspondent. I think i remember seeing him a few times; i dont watch tv much anymore and i dont get comedy central :(
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recruiting someone to find the bit he did on the daily show when the congress was doing all the nonsense with the all-nighter involving cots and pizzas and what not some months agowas it wasn't lol funny but after he finished the segment you're like omfg that was brilliant