The best damn waste of time!

i want one

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If I got one I'd just have it follow me while I do routine stuff during the day haha.  Like walk into a status call having it follow me in.

The QC15 my model is only $129 for a used headset.  One of the descriptions says the pads are a bit worn but you can get replacements for $17.99.  Not a bad deal.

QC25 is $300.  

There's two drawbacks to the bose headsets.  First you can't use the headphones without noise cancelling so if your battery dies you can't listen to music.  The other drawback is that there's no wireless option.  You can disconnect the wire and just use the noise cancelling feature but there's no OEM wireless module (which seems kind of silly to me).  I found some youtube DIY videos that jerry-rig a BT receiver to the wire but most are bulky and look ghetto-tastic.

Aside from those two things I love my QC15!

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Ok big pre baby question. Is the future really 4k? How far into the future? I'm thinking maybe it would be worth getting a fz1000 gh4 or ax100 so that future me or future baby Dorman will be able to look at home videos in the resolution of their times.
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but $600 :(
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Haha do you hide the presents on top?