The best damn waste of time!


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I'd just like to mention that the article Shawn posted uses the word "itenerant" although not in the way I believe it should be used.
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Hey GJ Milo. I'm so proud. I remember when he was just walking around munching on pistachios.
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Thought you jokers might like this. Fresh from SA.
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psh wannabes
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"They must have someone... inside"

I think we all know where they get their material.
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Well this is only for people who also watch stargate sg-1 which might be only me. i just read that michael shanks the guy who plays dr. jackson is going to be a "regular" role on 24 this season. he is going to play a guy named michael bishop for at least 4 episodes. i thought it was sort of strange since 24 doesnt use "big" names. i guess they did add rick schroder though and sam from LOTR last year and SOD Keller oh and president logan and his wife well crap nevermind.

lastly is it me or is 24 missing something this year? it seems to be down somewhat after the 4th episode.
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for one thing there's been no actual interaction with the main bad guys for a few episodes so some urgency is missing

here's hoping next season = Jack Strikes Back: Adventures of Jack in China This Time It's Personal
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i was watching sum of all fears the other day which has jack's dad as the prez and whenever he spoke i was thinking "don't do what he says he's with the terrorists"
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bout time we got some Jack this season
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fo sho. I like how we get two seasons of 24 this year. Its like 18 hours in they were like fuckit let's have jack kill everyone and try chinese badguys for 6 hours.