The best damn waste of time!


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in fact i'll go ahead and re-upload the full sized version of mine just to re-fit myself to the trend..
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Yeah I don't know why Mike needed to bring boys into it.
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yay bandwagons!except kohana is wigging out on me when i try to change my preferences. perhaps it is unhappy with the glitter revolution
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not sure why but your entry in teh DB had NULL for the selected avatar value.. fix't
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teehee.  first domo for my game. :D


admin hax'ed to include the avatar :)

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Drew can you change your avatar? I'm all for animated gifs and for asses but animated gifs of asses just draw a lot of attention. Normally I don't care but I just got a 22'' monitor at work so needless to say that's a lot of ass.

I'm opposed to censorship in general so you can totally ignore my request and I'll just read 409 in mobile mode or resize the screen so I can't see the avatars but it'd be nice to just read it normally.

That SFW theme would be pretty sweet.

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3   (<--- a sideways butt)

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The caption on michael's avatar google-translates to the following:

A little boxing morning is good for health and especially if there do lose weight. Randazzo's brothers (the eldest is 12 years old and weighs 91 pounds the child has 6 and its weight increasing and pounds 63) are popular all over Chile where they reside as you can see prosperity.
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I can't find the post where I complained about animated avatars but I suppose it makes sense to post about it here.

I was wondering if there was a way to freeze animated gifs after one loop.  I've found some chrome extensions that supposedly do that but I don't like them because they are very intrusive.  As an alternative I found an extension that lets you load local javascript into pages by domain. 

I added a script that creates a link after Upload an Image called Toggle Avatars which simply toggles (shows/hides) all avatar images.  This way when I'm reading or writing a long post (and there are many distracting avatars on the page) I can just hide all avatars.  When the page reloads the avatars are displayed again.  Huzzah!

I suppose I can create a feature request to add the link under Less Usefuls so i don't need to inject it but I figure with the 2nd baby around Matt's spare time is taken up by cleaning up feces vomit and/or both.  And then he might help rachel tend to the kids. :D

Here's the script if anyone is interested:

function toggleAvatars(){   $("img[src*='/user/avatar/']").toggle();}$("div#content a[href='/media/upload']").first().after(" <a href="#" onclick="toggleAvatars()">Toggle Avatars</a>");

Anyways 2000th post!

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Sexy avatar, mike! :D