The best damn waste of time!


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those that want usually end up wanting even more. those whose cup is already full will keep getting more. one of those strange paradoxes in life. when approaching love i've always found it the most helpful. i know when i expect someone to love me they almost always never will. if i treat them like i already have all the love i need they usually show me their love willingly. just don't expect things. take what you get and let that be enough. go with the flow.

anyways enough dr. phil for today.
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no other person can fill your hole. you must fill it with yourself.

*giggles uncontrollably about the complete accuracy of my dooblay entendre*
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I just need somebody to love I want somebody to love. I get by with a little help from my friends. Yes I get by with a little help from my friends with a little help from my FRRIIIEEEEeeeeeeEeeennnnddds! :D
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crackheads chase feelings too

for $8 they'll probably let you fill their holes also
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drew i like that crackheads and car wrecks constitute the intersection of our careers and will be the common themes in our old-man anecdotes.

also excessive force :D
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so i was doin this chick right? and i'm on duty and this friggin crackhead that runs out into the intersection and causes a car wreck so i started beating the crackhead with my baton right?


so i was doin this chick right? and i'm on call and this friggin crackhead runs into the ER and causes an intersection so i started anecdoting the old-man with my penis right?

ok i tried but somehow the parallelism doesn't work out you want to give it a shot? or should we just wait for RL?
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what did you do?! :P admin hax pls
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had a few bonus </div> tags there
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l33t copy-pasting skillz