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Internet reboot

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All my web browsing habits are getting stale. Seeing the same old stuff on reddit bookface YouTube etc. What's everyone looking at on the interwebs that is fresh? Or is this just my life now?
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I feel you bro. I recently decided to try to get into podcasts.. I have a strong aversion to the inline advertisement model, where the main speaker talks about the sponsor in the middle of whatever else is going on. Even if I do get over that, I find that the quality of the content just isn't up to my standards. (If I'm going to listen to you for an hour, you'd better pack it full of good shit.. otherwise do some prior planning or post editing and whittle it down to 35 minutes of quality content FFS).

If I'm just looking under the wrong rocks for good podcasts -- anybody got any good suggestions?
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I go to google news, smbc, xckd, 409, occasional shopping on amazon or the like, and scroll through fb (for much longer than I really should) and rinse and repeat...ugh.  I suppose I watch some anime too, just caught up with Boruto on anime-planet, or stream music on Pandora, but other than that I feel like those animals in a zoo that just pace back and forth, stuck in an infinite loop reading the same garbage over and over.  

I don't really do podcasts, but Aryn listens to SYSK (stuff you should know) and it's usually entertaining.  We've listened to a few on road trips, and I always get roped in.  From what I remember they use the inline advertisement model, but I suppose it's fairly common.  
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I recommend Dark Docs on YouTube. A bunch of <15 min vids about 20th century stuff, mostly US/USSR related. At first I thought it was one of those kooky conspiracy channels but they're legit as far as I can tell and well told
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Slightly on topic but I'm trying to get away from using all Google all the time, so I installed the Brave browser and went ahead and told it to point to duck duck go, I'll report back later