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Getting older

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What's the dumbest reason your back is hurting? Mine is because I was on the floor playing hot wheels with Jeremiah and I leaned over wrong and now I'm hurting for two days
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I lost focus yesterday while cutting my nails, so guess who had one long ring finger nail all day today
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Roll call: who all is at the stage in life where your dad shitposts on facebook
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Screenshot? My dad avoids anything that can track him.
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My dad uses Facebook Messenger to try to send links instead of just sharing them or commenting and tagging people in it, but half the time I get an "attachment not found" or some other error so I end up unable to see it at all :(

I think he got used to email and that's the paradigm he wants to use, and it doesn't fit well with the way Facebook works.. or at least, the way he's mapped it to the facilities Facebook provides does not work well.
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(Updated 6/5/2019 4:24 PM)
I get messages from Matt’s dad. Not from mine. 

Anything related to teaching or running that he finds funny gets messaged to me or shared with me. 
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Yep, I get lots of posts shared to my wall from Matt’s dad. And here I thought I was special...