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Epic Orchestral Music

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Now that Scott and I are officially pending video game composers, I'm gonna start compiling a bunch of epic orchestral bits I come across to shamelessly analyze and plagiarize later, feel free to contribute

this one actually came up as an ad before another vid i was trying to watch, maybe the first skip ad button i didn't click
Total posts: 5104
here's one of my faves, the climax of the movie signs

you hear that 3 note motif sparsely and creepily for the whole movie, then they hit you hard with the same motif from all kinds of different directions, this music could've been used when all the earth's forces are arrayed against the alien invasion, but instead it's about a farm house, btw signs is a great movie and if you don't think so you're wrong and probably missing the point

youtube commenter with the breakdown:
0:28 we start with the main creepy theme. The three-note section in particular serves as this three-note cornerstone of the soundtrack. 0:55 is its proper melody.
1:21 this is the only break in this three-note melody. The flashback understandably requires a different mood. But this is the only part of this track that is not part of the three-note motif
2:23 is soooooooooooooo CREEPY.... wow here we are back in our creepy three-note central theme.
4:03 transition to lydian mode! BUT... the SAME three-note base yet this time it sounds... MAJESTIC???
4:23 it alters only slightly to become INSPIRING to enhance the "call to action"
4:39 I don't how he does it man. Then it switches to SCARY-INTENSE again as it leaves the lydian scale for minor but fitting of action and conflict
4:55 he somehow makes it TRIUMPHANT...
5:34 he keeps the SAME three-note melody and makes it MYSTERIOUS.
5:56 he makes it VINDICATING and REDEEMING; rising until its conclusion.
James Howard you magnificent bastard....