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Ada Marie Dorman

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Oh yeah sorry I guess I need to do this. Ada Marie Dorman was born a week or so ago Monday November 11th 2015. 9lb2oz (94%ile baby) 21 1/4 inches. after 30 or so hours of labor to a beast of a mother. Mama and baby healthy like buffaloes. Some pics on facebook. Sorry to those we haven't gotten around to talking to but feel free to text / call when free!

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Look at that baby! Congrats she's a beauty.

November 11th was a Wednesday.

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How was the lead up and birth experience in context of all your education? Or did it all fall out your ears when stuff started happening?
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So adorable and so much understanding in her gaze.  That's going to be one smart baby!  Congrats guys!  I know I still haven't called but I'll get around to it eventually.

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Congrats Michael and V!

30 hours of labor (gg)

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I was simply reinforcing that this birth was in November (the 11th month).  However since you must know all the details she was born on the 30th day of said month in the year 2015.  

I'd say doctorhood first made me freak out and overreact to everything (OMG SHE HAS MIDGUT VOLVULUS BECAUSE SHE HAD A GREEN SPITUP!).  Now I've quickly settled into "Is she breathing? Check.  That should take care of fathering for the day."

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To answer drews question we did alright with actually remembering stuff. We read (parts of) a book on relaxing during labor. That was very helpful to us early in early labor. But the biggest thing was that we had a doula (birth coach). I don't think either of us coulda done it without her.