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i win the internet

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(Updated 12/9/2014 5:14 AM)

today i reached the mountaintop. i made it to the front page of reddit. i can die happy now

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Front page of 409 baby!
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nice gj on the sentence structure for your topic i think it completely describes the idea and sentiment in as few words as possible which is something i try to do when making witty remarks

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Honestly I have no idea which one is yours...I'm guessing it's the one that has been visited.

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Well the submitter's name is Moirebass and his facebook status was the same "phone number neighbors" idea so I think it's safe to say that's him :)

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imma go ahead and tease the upcoming Moiré Effect EP expected in the next few months if i can plug up the water leak in my basement and put my studio back together

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a couple of my favorites from the thread (are they called threads on reddit i don't know):


[–]TyrantLizardMonarch 724 points 

I got a "Who is this? Other than the number right next to mine." from +1. Still waiting to hear back from -1.

[–]betamos 509 points 

-1 probably has inferiority complex and won't answer.

[–]seiyria 694 points 

He's still someone elses +1!

[–]SmokinMagic 372 points 

That's deep.

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 [–]harker26 351 points 

I have been giving out my number neighbours number for years when I fill out forms I don't want to hear from.. My neighbour will be pissed if he ever finds me

[–]Bingslat 115 points 

I do the same. I figure the speed I write the number down fools them into thinking it's my actual number.

[–]harker26 75 points 

That's exactly it. I think if I ever come to change my number I will text my neighbour to apologise for many years of spam.

[–]friday6700 337 points 

And when he's all like: "I'm gonna kill you!" You'll be all "That's fair I kinda deserve it.". Then you give him your neighbors address.

[–]luckysonofa 63 points 

Someone needs to make this into a movie.

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made it into the belgian national news

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And you said it couldn't get any better!

THE SHIT LICE! crazy Belgians...