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Teh I'm having a baby thread

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Due date is May 15. If it's 4 days late then we get a combined baby's birthday/5 year anniversary/MDW birthday
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3 days early and you can have the baby at my wedding

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i thought your wedding was in june?  it's in may?  i guess this is the wrong thread for this question.

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Cool my wife is due Jan 18 and just had her shower. Hope you have lots of space for baby stuff!

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Yeah I thought the wedding was happening in June too.  That will suck if I can't make it to the wedding...then again birth of a child is an optional event right?

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So I know I don't know most of you that great however I thought I would contribute to the thread! I hope all of you expecting have healthy pregnancies and successful deliveries!

24hrs ago I became a father to two beautiful baby girls. Ella Jane was born at 11:25am and weighed 5lb 2oz. Lily Nicole was born at 11:26am and weighed 6lb 1oz. It truly is an awesome undescribable experience to see your baby for the first time.

Good luck everyone!

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dude congrats!  may the corruption of the future generation of humanity be a fun journey!  It was scary enough thinking about our generation taking over but man do I feel bad for people living in this world when our defunct children have to take the reigns. ;)  Not to say I won't be there but I'll be old and senile and more drifting through this life rather than living in it.  At least that's the perception I'll create so I can grab a lot of ass and shit myself whenever I want.  :D

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Congrats on the two-fer! Twins or two baby mommas? Either way GJ.

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make sure not to illegally name your child

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Introducing the latest 409er:  Jordan Steven Hamilton born 5/14/12 8 lbs. 13 oz.