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spring-constant bmi

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those of you who get annoyed when i get weird don't read below:

alright i've devised a new system for measuring fatness (males only). I've noticed that the resonant frequency of my breasts has gotten lower as i've gained weight so at a current res freq of ~4 Hz and an estimated breast weight of 1kg the spring constant there is about 625 N/m. (Which i think means that if I got a nipple ring that weighed ~60 kg it would sag a full yard.) Hence I am proposing spring constant of the man-boob as the new BMI. (mass * [angular freq of resonance (freq at which there is maximum distention) ^2 ] )


Thanks for entertaining my weird midnight thoughts and any mathematical or scientific critique or better name for the measurement (jiggle factor?) is welcome. :-D
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This doesn't have anything to do with series versus parallel springs does it?
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mine don't really reverberate :( they just kind go as fast as i'm hitting them i mean it i tried for like a half hour
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This seemed like a viable physics-math thread.  

Sombody physics this for me. 

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From reddit:

"The object in the gif is primarily spinning around the long axis. BUT it also has just a bit of end-over-end spin that was accidentally introduced. It's not flipping back and forth; it's flipping end over end. The reason each flip is so sudden is due to the main spin."

I know that describing the "long axis" and "short axis" can be confusing and to be honest I'm not sure if the reddit guy got it right or wrong.. but anyway..

Also here's a bunch of good stuff from physics.stackexchange

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Nice research!  Also flipping things about the unstable axis so that they remain upright but now face away (phones remotes books baseball caps) may be about my favorite thing ever.  Always wondered why it seemed easy to get that additional rotation in there and now science explains why!