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OMG I would totally dig up that spot post haste.  That sounds basically like "we totally dont have a ton of treasure buried here honest.  Nope. No giant Aladdin-like caverns of gold an jewels deep below the earth here."

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I think there's a theory out there that Aladdin happens post apocalypse
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I'm in Irvine
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I was just in Las Vegas and ran across an exhibit about the Supersonic Low Altitude Missile at the National Atomic Testing Museum. It's fucking terrifying:

"Its mission was to develop a devastating and virtually unstoppable nuclear-powered cruise missile ... the nuclear ramjet was designed to travel much faster at three times the speed of sound (Mach 3) and discharge up to a dozen hydrogen bombs on widely separated enemy targets thousands of miles away. Flying near the ground the supersonic shockwave and intense radiation emanating from the unshielded reactor would wreak havoc in its wake."