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black friday 2005

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Anyone going shopping early Friday morning? I'm gonna try to find a good price on a new video card somewheres. I'm also thinking about getting the $150 computer from best buy that comes with a 17" monitor (CRT btw). Not that I need another computer but what the hell if its only $150.

(In case you dont know what black friday is its when retailers have *really* good sales going on. Check the website for some deals.)
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emachines = $150 paperweight
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I agree with Oscar don't waste your money on it. You are better off just building you a system for a few hundred dollars.

I was looking at the sales today in the local paper and here are some deals I found:

Circuit City
A boatload of mediocre DVD's for 4.99
All the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies for 7.99
24 Season 3: 21.99 (see below for better deal)
Half Life 1 Anthology: 4.99 (This probably contains all the add-ons and such I bought similar item last year for 10.00)
Family Guy Season 3:15.99

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200 gb 7200 rpm Hard Drive: 29.94 after rebates (Nice Deal doesn't say what kind of hd)

Best Buy - Usually where I find the best deals
RADEON X700 PRO 256MB PCI-Express Graphics Card : 99.99 after mail in rebates (They have the same one for AGP at the same price)
All of their Sandisk Memory is for sale good prices if you need anything

Some DVD's for 3.99:

  • Beautiful Mind

  • Minority Report

  • Road to Perdition

  • Along came Polly

Better DVD'S for 5.99

  • Meet the Fockers

  • Meet the Parents

  • Anchorman

Deal of the Day!!
Seasons 1 2 and 3 of 24: 19.99 each (Which one have we not seen? I am thinking about buying Season 3 or whichever one where that hot girl tries to kill Palmer.)

There are a ton of other deals. I just tried to find that ones that would appeal to the Club409 group. BestBuy usually has the best stuff at least in Macon. If you have money to spend go there.
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I'm going to see Harry Potter on Black Sunday. No shopping for me.
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man my brother's already seen harry potter otherwise we'd go see it as a family. but we're goin to see an interesting-looking elijiah wood film instead -- Everything is Illuminated.

anyhoo to stay on topic.. high five for 24 DVDs 8-) i might go shopping.. dont know what for though
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You guys haven't seen season 2 of 24. I own seasons 1 and 3 maybe I'll pick up season 2 tomorrow.
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I picked up Medal of Honor Allied Assault at Walmart today for $10. Yeah thats right I went to Walmart on Thanksgiving.