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I'm not really sure what the conversation was but at some point on wednesday someone said something to the effect of "salt isn't one of the 4 food groups!" -- so i decided to rectify the situation by posting the

This will also be showing up the mspaintings soon enough.
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where are the cheezy poofs
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Alcohol deserves a more prominent place. Much much larger.
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Imagine that it's not actually a pyramid but rather a perspective drawing of an infinitely long Food Road; the tip of the pyramid is actually a vanishing point.
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plus the cheezy poofs and most alcohol is included in the "free food" section...i mean come on when was the last time you actually paid for cheezy poofs? you were probably munching on them while drinkin free beer at a kegger.
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yeah the last cheezy poofs i had were justin's and they were even more delicious because i didn't pay for them.