The best damn waste of time!

Lan Party 11-19!!!!

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Here is what I am proposing. Let me know what you think.

What: Lan Party
Games include but not limited too MOHAA CNC Quake Counterstrike. Could even throw in some Need for Speed II Hot Pursuit

Pizza and Drinks also

Where: Justin Matt and Drew's Room Collier Ridge

How: Set up Friday night start Saturday and play through the night

Why: Cause its cool and because the ladies are going to be out of town so it is a good time to do it.

Who: Club409 members only
Here are the games that I think we are going to play:
Counter Strike (not source) - works
Command and Conqueror - works
Unreal Tournament 2003
Quake (not sure what version)
Medal of Honor Allied Assault - works

I know that CnC and Counterstrike will work on LAN right now. However I am not sure what version or patches that we have for these two games and what we need to install. I have CD's for Half Life and CounterStrike but it is version 1.0. What updates to Half Life and CounterStrike do we need?

Someone needs to give me Unreal Tournament MOHAA and Quake on an install cd preferably.

Who is coming right now:
Stephen Tyler
Mike Dorman

Possibly: Someone talk to them

Eight people would be a nice number to have
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I am totally IN. Everybody RSVP so we can figure out what kind of hardware we'll need to set this thing up.
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I'll be super nice and let y'all use my computer if you'd like. As Shawn said we'll be at a horse show so have at it.
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Thanks for volunteering our room Shawn.

I'm down. Here's how I see the logistics happening. Shawn figures out what games will work on a LAN and don't need all different CD keys. Matt figures out wiring & electronics. I'll make sure we got tables and chairs & that sort of thing. Justin brings the hookers.
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i'll bring the alien
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Not without a green card you won't
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I take it we're keeping the games a little bit retro to make sure everybody can run them. More game suggestions:

Unreal tournament 2003

Jedi Knight 2 (if you guys feel like getting totally owned by me)

Halo PC


Edit: I think the Halo PC actually runs really poorly. You have to have a pretty hardcore computer to compensate for it.
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thanks for offering me a ride mike but i'll walk thanks i'm in. anyone who hassles me for not having a green card will promptly stabbed WMC!!!
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My comp is available if you need. but i need to know tommorow before 10:00 a.m. after that ill be at "home"
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are you goign to be home for a week? i dont know if anyone noticed but the date on the thread says 11-19 which is *next* weekend.