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So my room mates and I are thinking about getting a puppy. We already have a cat. She's kind of shy spent some time living on the streets so doesn't have the best temperament around anything that might move faster than her. Does anyone have any suggestions about what kind of dog to get?

We'll probably be searching animal shelters so anything that can be described as "exotic" or "purebred" is probably out. But we like dogs. Because dogs are awesome. It's a second story apartment three bedrooms so it's not tiny. But we probably can't handle any dogs that are too big.
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animal shelters are the way to go; why pay a breeder when the lovable beasts are doing it for free (huh huh huh.. doing it)
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we had a shepard-type dog and he was awesome. they're usually pretty friendly and smart tho energetic
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Lab mixes are always a good choice. Very even tempered and not too energetic. You can always get one that's mixed with a smaller dog so they're not too big.